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To realize our ambition, we run a large variety of projects from the BSc level to the MSc and PhD levels. Some projects target clear applications and are typically in collaboration with industry. Other projects aim for more in-depth and fundamental research and are typically carried out with partners from other universities in Denmark, Scandinavia, the European Union and overseas countries, including USA. This approach allows us to maintain and strengthen our connection with the industry, while at the same time establishes our scientific leadership in the field nationally and internationally. This approach enables us to target various funding agencies to support our research activities such as the Independent Research Fund Denmark, Innovation Fund Denmark, Aarhus University Research Foundation, EU Horizon 2020, European Regional Development Fund, and private funds.

Please, contact us, if you would like to know more about possibilities for collaboration on research and development!

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  1. AUFF Starting Grant

    Zili Zhang


  2. Cyber-Physical Sensing for Machine and Structures

    Giuseppe Abbiati , Peter Gorm Larsen , Martin Dalgaard Ulriksen & Lars Damkilde

    The project develops a digital twin platform for machines and structures with particular focus on SMEs.Description


  3. Digital Twins for Large-Scale Test Benches for the Wind Industry

    Giuseppe Abbiati , Peter Gorm Larsen & Cláudio Ângelo Gonçalves Gomes

    The project develops a digital-twin concept for large-scale testing facilities for the wind industry.Layman's description


  4. Content sliding investigations for pallet racking systems

    Giuseppe Abbiati

    The project investigates the seismic performance of pallet racking systems by means of shake table tests.Description


  5. Demonstration of LifeTime Extension Concept

    Giuseppe Abbiati , Cláudio Ângelo Gonçalves Gomes & Peter Gorm Larsen

    The project develops hybrid testing for large wind turbine components such as blades and drive-train.Description


  6. Underground Pumped Hydro Storage -EUDP

    Kenny Kataoka Sørensen , Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen & Hans Henning Stutz

    According to the Danish Energy Agency’s latest projection, the Danish power grid will reach 100% renewable energy no sooner than 2028. However, we can already now see a demand for a more flexible and secure power distribution due to the fluctuating energy production and consumption. Most experts suggest energy storage systems as the most sustainable, ideally suited and lasting solution.

    The aim of this project is to develop and test critical parameters for a technology that enables storing energy in water according to the well-known principle of Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) – but in an underground geomembrane, i.e. by installing a 10 x10 meter mock-up. The project focuses on geotechnical conditions and membrane design and will include the conduction of a range of examinations including the technological adaptation in the energy market in combination with various renewable energy sources and business cases.Description


  7. Multi-hazard performance assessment of structural and non-structural components subjected to seismic and fire following earthquake by means of geographically distributed testing

    Giuseppe Abbiati

    Experimental evaluation on the post-earthquake fire performance of lowly-damaged and highly-damaged unprotected structural steel elements by using hybrid simulation.Description


  8. Implementation of a Hybrid-Fire Laboratory at DBI

    Giuseppe Abbiati

    The goal of the project is to develop a hybrid fire testing setup at the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI).Description


  9. Underground pumped hydro storage - Innobooster project

    Asger Gramkow , Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen , Kenny Kataoka Sørensen & Hans Henning Stutz

    Soil-membrane interface testing and modelling in connection to underground Pumped Hydro Storage systemDescription


  10. Thermo-Mechanical Virtualization of Hybrid Flax/Carbon Fiber Composite for Spacecraft Structures

    Giuseppe Abbiati

    The goal of this project is to develop a thermomechanical hybrid simulation setup for testing composite component for aerospace applications.Description


  11. Urban Tranquility

    Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen

    European Regional Development Fund, Interreg V.
    co-applicant, Danish coordinatorDescription


  12. Proof-Of-concept implementation of Heat transfer Coupling in thermo-mechanical hybrid simulation

    Giuseppe Abbiati

    The goal of this project is to prototype an hybrid testing setup that allows for coupling heat transfer between physica land numerical substructures.Description


  13. Cost-Effective mass production of Universal Foundations for large offshore wind park

    Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen

    Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation Description


  14. Cost-effective deep water foundations for large offshore wind turbines

    Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen

    Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation . Work package leaderDescription


  15. Silent Spaces

    Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen

    European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IV. Work package leaderDescription


  16. HAVDIM

    Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen