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Research & Innovation Collaboration

The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering collaborates with a wide range of public and private enterprises on joint research and development projects. We want to forge some of the world's best conditions for industrial and commercial exploitation of the knowledge we produce, and we do this through close collaboration with the business community on research and innovation. Collaboration ensures that the knowledge and technology generated in the university's technical research environments is given a clear anchoring in reality and benefits the surrounding society.

Collaboration – mutual rewards

Collaborating on a joint research or development project benefits both collaboration partners and the research unit. Your organisation can focus on specific areas in close collaboration and with advice from the world's leading researchers at Aarhus University.

If you are interested in entering into a research collaboration with the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, please contact the department or hear more about the possibilities by contacting the Faculty Secretariat.

You will find contact information here.

Here you can see examples of business collaboration and research at the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering