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Geotechnical Engineering

The main focus of the group is to improve the understanding of the geomechanical behaviour of Danish soils and artificially structured soils, and to develop constitutive models to better represent the observed strength and deformation behaviour of the soils.

 The research is currently focused in the following areas which are highly interlinked: 

  • Characterisation of the strength and deformation behaviour of very high plasticity stiff clays
  • Correlation between geophysical, geological and geotechnical properties in Danish stiff clays
  • Investigating the influence of time, strain rate, structure and destructuration in stiff clays and artificially structured soils
  • Development of constitutive models to include the above mentioned effects.
  • Soil-structure interaction, and monitoring of geotechnical structures.

The research is conducted using a combination of laboratory and field tests, and numerical methods. It is carried out in cooperation with partners from industry, research institutes and other universities.

The outcome of the research is important for many geotechnical and structural problems and is expected to be generally applicable to the natural and artificial soils of similar nature. internationally.