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People at Design & Construction

Below you can find a list of all the section employees including keywords describing their expert knowledge, skills, and competences. You can access a more detailed description of the individual employee by clicking on their names.


Annette Beedholm Rasmussen

Associate Professor, Head of Section

Subject areas

Sustainable structures
Reuse of prefab concrete
Rammed earth structures
Concrete structures


Subject areas

Structural dynamics
Load simulations of wind turbines
Structural engineering

Subject areas

Road and light rail planning
Traffic safety
Traffic planning
Public transport
Digital tools

Subject areas

Waste water treatment
Sludge treatment
Treatment of drinking water
Sludge treatment
Contaminated soil

Subject areas

Indoor Environmental Quality
Building Physics
Building Services
Sustainable Building
Smart Energy

Søren Wandahl

Professor, Deputy Head of Department - Research, Professor (Doce

Subject areas

Lean Construction
Sustainable construction
Production Planning and Control