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Faculty staff

Søren Wandahl

Professor, Deputy Head of Department - Research, Professor (Doce

Students in the group

  • Line Vissing-Jørgensen og Sondre Carlsen: 2021. "Sustainability in the Construction Phase - Investigating sustainable initiatives by using Lean Construction" 
  • NN: 2021. "An analysis of short-term sustainability opportunities for contractors"
  • Ayse Nur Özer: 2021. "High productivity and low Embodied Energy in construction"
  • Zahra Soltani: 2021. "Quantifying reduction of Embodied Energy during construction"
  • Mette Fredberg Nielsen, Line Tellefsen og Emilie Riberholt Henriksen: 2020. "Sustainability in the construction phase - Implementing Sustainable Initiatives by Using DGNB"
  • Joakim M. Johannessen & Monica Hove: 2020. "Reuse & Recycling - Barriers to reuse and recycling of materials in the construction industry"
  • Brian Fredborg: 2019 ."Productivity Analysis of a Renovation Construction Site who uses Lean Construction Methods"
  • NN: 2019. "***NDA***"
  • NN: 2019. "***NDA***"
  • Jonas Kjems Christensen: 2019. “Business Intelligence Dashboards for the Construction Industry”
  • Thomas Vestager: 2018. "Conceptualizing a new Project Management Control System for construction"
  • Benjamin Jørgensen: 2018. "The Diffusion of BIM among Danish Contractors: The state of Affairs"
  • NN: 2017. "***NDA***"
  • Andreas Tandrup: 2017. "Reduce Variability to Improve Performance in Refurbishment Projects - Identification and analysis of variability in two refurbishment projects"
  • Steffen Greve: 2017. "The Last Planner System - An empirical study of the use of Last Planner System in the danish construction industry"
  • Søren Kæseler: 2017. "User-driven innovation in the renovation industry - A new paradigm for user involvement and innovation"
  • Katarzyna Bondi: 2017. "Lean execution of offshore wind farm projects"
  • Joachim Skovbogaard: 2016. "Creating a Baseline of Productivity in the Refurbishment Sector and Identifying Potential Improvement using lean tools"
  • Yicheng Shen: 2016: "Lean-Risk – An innovative management concept"
  • Morten Hedegaard: 2016. "Risk management of hospital projects"
  • NN: 2016. "***NDA***"
  • Jørn Eggert: 2016. "Phase transition in construction projects"

in total 36 MSc thesis since 2012 at Aarhus university, and +50 thesis from 2002-2012 at Aalborg University