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Vocational Mentorship Programme

Share your experience and help students on their way

In the mentorship programme for engineering students, we establish groups with three or four Bachelor of Engineering students and a mentor who will be a graduate engineer within the same subject area.

As a mentor, you can help give the Bachelor of Engineering students more insight into everyday life as an engineer and tell them about their choice of subject and career direction. So far, more than 300 students have participated in the programme, and most report that the mentorship programme has encouraged them to study and made them feel better prepared for their future careers.

About the process

The mentorship programme is primarily for students in their third or fourth semester on all Bachelor of Engineering programmes. Mentors and students meet for the first time in September and the programme continues until April. A joint start-up and conclusion is arranged, but most of the other meetings are planned in the individual groups, so there is great flexibility for when you meet. This means that the number of meetings varies between individual groups, but it is typically about once a month. We also connect pairs of groups, so you have a co-mentor to consult with along the way and you can relieve each other during busy periods. 

You don't get paid – but you get so much more

When we ask our mentors about the benefits, they firstly highlight the joy of getting to know a group of students and helping them on their way. Some also mention that the programme has given them a new insight into their own career paths. In addition, the mentorship programme is an obvious opportunity to expand your network and present your company to the students, and there are many examples that both parties benefit from the network formed through the mentorship programme.


Read more in the Handbook for mentors and mentees (in Danish only).