Aarhus Universitets segl

Research projects


Interreg project funded with 13.000.000 DKR. This project aims at reducing energy use on public buildings in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The project is run by my colleague Lars Andersen. 

Construction Site Productivity

RealDania project funded with 3.100.000 DKR. This project identifies potential for construction productivity improvement on 3 concrete projects. The projects are then improved with well known construction management tools, and finally evaluated. 

Future green construction sites

MUDP Lighthouse project funded with 11.700.000 DKR. The project looks into reducing emissions from construction site equipment. The project is run by Danish Technological Institute and together with my colleague Jochen Teizer. 


DFF1 project funded with 2.800.000 DKR. This project investigates the correlation between worker movement and construction labour productivity and its ability to reduced embodied energy on the construction site.