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Halid Can Yildirim


Ph.D., Associate Professor

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Halid Can Yildirim

Areas of expertise

  • Material Characterisation
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Physics based data science
  • Small and large scale testing
  • Machine Learning

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I hold a PhD in Mechanics of Materials. I study the characterisation of advanced materials to ensure research-based results for safe, smart, sustainable, and durable engineering designs. My research primarily focuses on developing innovative methodologies for employing metallic materials in infrastructure, including bridges, buildings, offshore structures, and other metal frameworks essential to our daily lives.

I approach this problem using a multi-scale strategy, starting from the material level. This involves examining material properties from the micro level to the macro level. Through this approach, I develop methodologies and investigate metallic materials with enhanced physical properties and durability characteristics to function under severe environmental conditions. Additionally, I address energy conservation and savings, recognising their importance in material manufacturing and throughout a material's lifecycle.

Combining experimental research and computer modelling of structural materials, my work spans from small-scale material levels to full-scale complete structures. This integrated approach allows for a comprehensive understanding and application of materials in various engineering contexts.

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