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Aarhus University is opening four new engineering departments as part of an ambitious plan to create one of the world's leading educational and research environments within the technical sciences. (Photo: Lars Kruse)

Four new engineering departments for Denmark

2021.01.04 | AU Engineering

At the turn of the year, Aarhus University has implemented an organisational change to open four new departments. This is part of work to enhance research and educational activities within engineering science.

Mathilde Bjerregaard (left) and Lena Fallesen (right) work with carbon and steel fibre-reinforced high-strength concrete for use in terrorism protection as a preliminary project for their Master's thesis. Photo: Ida Jensen, AU Photo.

Concrete scholarships for engineering students: developing ultra-strong terrorism protection

2020.12.08 | AU Engineering

Two MSc in engineering students who are developing a special kind of concrete for terrorism protection have each received a scholarship for a study trip to Switzerland.

"Denmark is at the forefront of research in district heating. With our projects, we will demonstrate that Denmark could be one of the first countries to exploit the existing housing stock economically as heat storage in district heating systems," says PhD Student Virginia Amato (left). On the picture is also shown Thea Broholt (middle) and Louise Christensen (right). Photo: AU Foto.

Buildings as thermal batteries in a transition towards a green energy system

2020.11.19 | AU Engineering

Denmark is to be climate-neutral by 2050. This requires major changes in our utilities sector, and buildings will play a significant role in this context. Three PhD students at Aarhus University talk about their research to help Denmark meet targets in its climate plans.


Mon 25 Jan
09:00-13:00 | Online
Qualifying exam: Model Predictive Control of Heating Systems in Residential Buildings in Practice
PhD student Thea Hauge Broholt, Department of CAE - Design and Construction
Mon 25 Jan
11:00-13:00 | Online
Qualifying exam: The effect of building occupant preferences and behaviour on model predictive control of space heating
PhD student Louise Christensen, Department of CAE - Design and Construction
Tue 26 Jan
13:00-16:00 | Online
Mapping Breaking Ocean Waves near Offshore Structures – by use of Light
Mapping Breaking Ocean Waves near Offshore Structures – by use of Light