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The aim is for the indoor climate ambassadors to bridge the gap between education and physical space, and use their specialist knowledge about indoor climate to ensure that the physical surroundings of schools are used optimally. Photo: Colourbox.

New collaboration will ensure a better indoor climate at schools

2021.09.23 | AU Engineering

Temperatures, noise levels and light and air quality have a significant impact on learning for children and young people. A new indoor climate strategy for schools in the City of Aarhus aims to create an optimal indoor climate, and indoor climate experts from AU Engineering at Aarhus University are involved in the project.

"It’s fantastic to see the prototype rise up layer by layer, and see our vision become a reality,” says Hasan Alsofi, who graduated as a construction engineer in January 2021 and then established the building contractor company 3DCP with his friend Mikkel. Photo: Private photo.

Hasan is 3D printing a tiny-house in Holstebro

2021.08.23 | AU Engineering

Hasan Alsofi graduated as a construction engineer in January 2021. He has now established a building contractor company called 3DCP with his friend Mikkel. Together with the Municipality of Holstebro, they are now building the company's pilot project. Their dream is to become Denmark's first 3D-print contractor and to completely revolutionise the…

The fields of the future are green all year round. The biomass from the fields can i.a. used to extract green protein as a sustainable alternative to soy protein for pigs and poultry. Photo: AU.

Open house: The protein livestock feed of the future will come from grass

2021.08.13 | AU Engineering

The GO-GRASS and GRØNBIORAF research projects are examining how grass protein could become a sustainable alternative to imported soy. On 24 August, the projects will hold an open house event at Aarhus University in Foulum, and everyone interested is welcome.


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